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Character Illustration
Kristen Price
Background Illustration
Molly Jordan
Interface Illustration
Stephanie Paige
Character Voices
K. Thomas & B. Bagot
Sound & Development
Jake Carlson

Protect the building from the evil attackers! Click on a attacker and fling him away to kill him. The higher you fling him, the more points you'll get. You can spend the points you earn on special abilities described below. Survive as long as you can. Click "Convene" to start!

  • Pause the Game
  • Restore 25% to Structural Integrity Bar 500 points
  • Structure Hit Points Remaining The Game Ends When This is Depleted!
  • Kill All Near Structure for 5 Seconds 2,500 points
  • Kill All Instantly 1,000 points

The building has fallen! Play again and try to beat your score.

Structural Integrity
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